Style Crush: Joshua Kissi

3:49 AM

I came across this uber hot male on some random blog and ive been in love ever since.
Hes a stylist/model and hes just 22!.
His style is so sophisticated and he manages to just make whetever hes wearing look sexy whether hes wearing shorts jeans or even a simple tee. Hes just absolutely fabulous, the african jewelry he always has on also adds an extra spark to whatever outfit hes wearing.
and his eyesss *faints*
you can check him and his friends out at
just remember that hes mine and none of you hungry females can have him. *side eye* *guards Joshua protectively* Back off!!!

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  1. His style is REALLY amazing! And I love everything he's doing with Street's truly amazing :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. He is a hottie and so is his style.. Nice Blog