Random Shoot

10:27 PM

So after our classes, a couple of friends and i decided to just have a shoot just for fun. Princess is pictured above wearing these really cool ankara hairbands nd ear-rings. They are by 'Tionni'.

They view is just beautiful, all quiet and peaceful before we came along lol

These are the only few decent pictures of me (thanks to Odun) i had to sit down and take a chill pill after all the running around i had been doing. Those girls have a lot or energy ahan!
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Atmosphere

We went in the canoe too. it was my first time so i was uber scared but it got better after a while, we were smooth sailing till someone decided to tilt the boat. We didnt fall though but we ordered the canoe guy to take us back immediately! it was a fun day at the end.....x.

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