Music at LOS

12:25 PM

Vanessa i think, im not too sure about her voice or whatever it was she sang but her dress was maddd!!
'Yung Six' decided to do a freestyle before he started performing. wrong move. The crowd got bored after a while so he didnt even finish the song, dude just walked off the stage. smh
YO its Beazy!!!!!! okbye.....
'BaronGinger' had the worst performance. Dude was probably high on something cos he couldnt follow the music and he kept bumping into the models, im sure he bumped into every single one of em. Couldnt even hear what he was singing. Yes it was that bad.
'Davido' feeling like a bad guy with all the paparazzii.....isoraiiiShank say dat!
LOS and Shank, mehn i was screaming so loud when they were performing magic. i felt like a stupid groupie cos i was right in front of the stage and i knew all the words. and i was jumping. but i didnt care mehn the song is mad.
Its Dammy Krane for the girls ey! Erm one question, this girl that was shaking her bum, sorry, dancing...did he bring her with him or did he pull her out of the crowd?? i would really like to know...

plus i couldnt get the names of the other performers *shrug*
ill put up the pictures from the fashion show in the next post.

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