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Hi everyone,
well as you probably know my name is Mide Coker,
Im 18 years old, and im a Law student...im going to my third year and it has been a whirlwind. if anybody says its easy the person is either a liar or a robot. Being a law student totally restricts you to wearing only black and white but i decided not to let that disturb my creativity, i often add a pop of colour here and there and a good belt totally transforms your 'uniform' from drab to glam

The brooches are by 'ST COLOURS' and they come in really cool colours and patterns, they can even be worn as hair pieces, cool ey?
Aside from being a Law student im also a photographer, i work for my dad and i also do freelance, i love taking pictures because they tell stories and also for the memories. This is one of my favorite pictures, i took it at a service project organized by this female leadership centre i go to and it shows kids that live below the poverty line, we went there to help them clean up their environment and i couldnt help but take the picture

Im also a fashion lover, i get all animated and excited when i meet people that know about and follow fashion, i know practically everything there is to know about the nigerian fashion industry and im forever stalking sites and blogs like Bella Naija, One Nigerian boy, Leo and Pisces and the rest of them and im an avid supporter of expressing your own personal style (although my mum is not, and since i still live with her i have to conform...a bit). I believe you should wear whatever makes you happy and vintage items make me happy, one of my favorite items is this black belt with a gold buckle that used to belong to my mum. its so beautiful and goes well with anything.

I would love to be a stylist, but then i would have to have some sort of break out into the fashion industry and know a lot of people but unfortunately my course doesnt give me the time for that. sad. Hopefully this year ill have the opportunity to go for more fashion shows and meet a lot more people, do PR, promote a few brands that i work with and generally gain momentum. but till then its just me and my blog.
ill try to update regularly with outfit posts and all, its just that i dont go out much and i wouldnt want to bore you with the stuff i wear to class. ill still try my best though, thanks for reading!

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  1. interesting piece and that picture looks so proffessional. i pray your dreams come true.xxx

  2. Thanks a lot Uduak, i hope they do too :)

  3. hello nice blog you have got there. I am also a blogger and you can check it out and follow

  4. awesome blog. i love ST colours. their brooch and hairpiece rock supreme.
    i definately understand the above post. my mum hates my style and i have to conform,whenever i am home. school schedules suck and working while in school cramps me up and makes me miss out on stuff my mates do like party et al,but i'd really advice you focus on school and work during the holidays. that's what i have started doing,cus school gets hard every semester.
    Try networking with people you meet at fashion shows. it helps a lot.

  5. Yeah, really interesting! Good luck on your journey. I'm sure if you love it that much a breakthrough will come- just be ready :D