Day 3 - Artsy

1:10 AM

It rained today so i decided not to go out and hence no outfit post.
my brother took these pictures of me a while back and since i had nothing to do i decided to edit them abit and share.
i love it when photographs look like artwork and i did a pretty good job here, dont you think??
im wearing an ankara boob tube bustier thingy that i made myself
DIY Gap shorts
and a belt from my vintage closet...

3. Five Pet Peeves
Well first off i dont have so many pet peeves, im actually quite patient when it comes to people and i believe there is a reason behind whatever it is they are doing and of course they can be helped.
  • First off, i really dont like liars, especially when i know youre lying....i hate to be lied to and sometimes i go as far as forcing the truth out of people. i had some friends that were pathological liars, and i was like if youre really my friend and you really like me i see no reason why you should have to lie to me...
  • My second pet peeve would have to be big girls (i dont like to use fat) that wear clothes that are not their size, it irritates me at times especially when they show off their thighs with all the cellulite and stretch marks showing *shrug*. i mean, its no harm trying to be sexy but please do it moderately...thanks.
  • The third is body or mouth odor, my gosh...i will never shut up about is a menace to the society and something should be done about it...i meann...
  • Number four is creepy crawlies....spiders, flies, lizards...i get goosebumps just thinking about them
  • And finally, Dirty toilets, i can hold my pee for a whole day, if the toilet isnt reasonably clean......i even have a cousin that would rather pee in open air than use a dirty toilet 
I hope everyones day is going well...
thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the color grading on your photos!

  2. Absolutely love the tube top...def something I would wear. And thanks for your comment, it means a lot.
    Follow your passion:

  3. wow! love that bustier.!
    awesome. so ME!
    WERK EETT..!!

  4. i really dont like dirty toilets!!!! gosh i shouldn't start.
    Pretty pictures :)