Fashion Lounge

9:42 AM

The Fashion lounge was a fashion networking party held at Ember creek, yesterday the 6th, it was a fashion networking party which gave all sorts of people in the fashion industry a chance to meet, exchange cards and numbers and generally build a bigger clientele. it started a tad late and i didnt even get to meet any fashion person (probably cos it was a thursday night, nobody does that) but it was alright at the end because i met some photographers and learnt a bit. These are the organisers
s shown below, they were really nice and tried to make sure everyone had a a good time.
I met this babe Wohai Samuel, she does a show for NTA called the red carpet show or something like that. i just had to put up her picture cos i told a few people about her. she is a fuull cruise! lool!


The highlight of the whole event was the fashion show. it is really a terrible thing that i never get the names of the designers, i should probably take a pen and pad with me and write em down anytime im out. My favorite designer was Moofa, Oyinye of Fashion Phoenix is always going on about them but i didnt realise how beautiful her work was till i saw em live yesterday. The material was jersey in ankara print. i dont think ive ever seen that before and she made the most beautiful clothes out of them.
i had to make that picture black and white because i took it at the end of the thing and i was looking very oily. sorry i couldnt get anymore proper outfits pics had to beg one of the pressmen to even take these ones.
Shirt, belt and bag are from my Vintage Closet
Trousers were stolen from my brother
and shoes are Nicole Miller.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

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  1. it seems like a whole great of fun
    great pictures x

  2. I'm jealous....It seems like it's was really really interesting....I love what the model are wearin (African MOOD)....And I love your outfits Simple, Original & fashion!!!!

  3. WOW! So Glad to see MOOFA's stuff on here. she is my client and i am happy you loved her pieces. LOL
    i wanted to come for fashion lounge but it was on a thursday. hopefully,i will come for the next one.

  4. Awesome pics, love this collection:)))

  5. AMAZING collection I would rock everyone of 'em!
    Love your pants.