Ituen Basi's Fashion Mugs

12:38 PM

So apparently, my mom and Ituen Basi were in the same class in secondary school. She went for some sort of reunion recently and brought back this mug. At first i thought it was just another mug and then on further inspection i saw the ankara print and i thought it was too beautiful, i just had to share this picture with you guys.
i dont think ive seen anything like this, asin ankara print on mugs but then i wasnt really surprised because i know Ituen Basi is always a step ahead, i wonder what other fun stuff she has going on.
Designer, Ituen Basi brought out her label not too long ago and in just a few years she has gotten international recognition, she even won an award at the last Arise Fashion week for the best in creative designs.
She works mostly with ankara and was probably the first designer to start making ankara jewelry. Her work is very distinct and once you see a certain piece youll definately know that its something from Ituen Basi.
She likes to mix and match prints and works mostly with the ankara fabric, i loved almost every outfit from the independence collection. (sad i cant afford any though)
But all in all she is a beautiful designer and i love her work.
i really hope i get to see her new collection and the Lagos Fashion week which starts next week.
im sure it will be extremely awesome
thanks for stopping by!

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