My First Award

7:45 AM

So i was awarded the One Lovely Blog award by Uduak of  Finally me.
Thanks so much darling. its good to know a few people like my blog and actually visit it.

THE RULES ARELink back to the person who gave you the award
Complete the form below
Tell seven random things about yourself
Nominate 5 bloggers (Uduaks blog says 15 but that one is a long thing)

Name your favorite color: Black. you can wear it all through and it goes well with anything.
Name your favorite song : it changes probably every week. but i recently found 'Robyn' and i cant stop singing 'Dancing on my own'
Name your favorite dessert : Strawberry Gateau
What pisses you off? : Liars
When you are upset you: Go and sit alone in a corner to avoid chaos
Your favorite pet: Dogss.
Black or white?: Definately black
Your biggest fear: Not getting to live the life i pray for
Everyday attitude: Faith
Your best feature (s): My legs cos theyre long. and my eyes cos theyre uber tiny and slanted
Guilty pleasure: Diary Milk Whole Nut.

Err i would have said some random things about me but ive done that in an earlier post sooo....

I would like to pass this award on to:
Oyinye Fafi Obi of FashionPhoenix
Adebayo and Akin of LeoandPisces
Shana Bea of Just elleohvee
AJ Taylor of My African Closet
Miss Nana of Diary of a shallow black girl

Check out their blogs. Theyre all really cool.
as you can obviously see ive given up on my 30 day challenge. x_x. my laptop had some issues so i couldnt post for a while. very sad story.
i hope everybodys week is going well...

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