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Phebe is a new clothing line owned by my friend Nneoma Okpara. Shes my class mate and also my agemate (im older by 7 days though) and so shes a really young designer.
Her clothes are basically for young women who wanto look good and each and every piece was made with love so you have a little bit of her in them.
I took the pictures for this lookbook (whoop whoop) and i was also sorta kinda like and assistant stylist because Nneoma apart from being the designer, also styled and modelled the clothes (shes the light one).
The day of the shoot was really fun because we got to use a fun location before some security people came to spoil our fun. rme.
We used Kosoko Drive for the outside shoot and some wall in my house for the inside ones (yes its the same wall i use for my outfit posts :p) and at the end of it all it was a success!
Her clothes are really beautiful and also very affordable so be sure to make your orders!!
you can contact her at phebescorner@gmail.com
and her twitter handle is @neoma_o
and you can also check out her blog here

P.S most of the pictures here were not released, i just put em here because these were my favorite ones, Nneoma might even have a fit. ^_^

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. awesome!!! nice shoot too, kudos to her. I am loving the first two designs

  2. *clears throat* ermm... i think i know dese babes... NO? ;) Nyc!