Whats in my bag? (Holiday Edition)

11:12 AM

i decided to a 'whats in my bag' just for the fun of it. ive seen it on a few blogs and i thought it would be really cool to try it. This is a holiday edition, my holidays end next week (sad) and then maybe when i resume i can do a school edition. This is just the stuff i used to carry in my bag during the holidays.
1. This is my favorite bag of all time, i carry it everywhere and anywhere and it is just so beautiful. It is a vintage chanel bag made out of crocodile skin and it has really stood the test of time because it used to belong to my mum a loooong time ago.
2. Bella by Marykay lotion, i love the smell of this lotion and  i always have it in my bag incase i go out of the house in a hurry and i forget to rub lotion on my feet or when my hands are just dry. it was a gift from the boyfriend and i love it so much.
3. Fresh Market Apple Hand Sanitizer, i believe everyone should own a hand sanitizer. Only God knows the dirty things we touch on a regular and then those dirty hands go into our mouth at times. when we are out, we dont get the chance to wash our hands often and so we should sanitize after touching anything dirty.
4. Sex and the City Body Mist. This was a  gift from my aunt and i love it because the smell is not so strong. it just lingers lightly after you spray it and it was perfect for this holiday season.
5. My very old manly wallet, it was a gift given to my dad but i took it from him because i needed a wallet at the time. it holds money, id cards, passport pictures, reciepts and all that jazz. i actually really like it because it holds alot of stuff and doesnt even bulge but ive been asked to get a new one cos this ones getting really old :(
6. I think i mentioned in an earlier post that i wear glasses. yeah im short sighted but i hate to wear my glasses. they make me look too dorky but theyre always in my bag and i whip them out anytime i have to see someone or read something that is too far away.
7. Retro sunglasses. Lately the sun has been burning down on us as if we offended it, like the rate at which the sun shines one would think it was angry or something. so we need protective sunshades and sometimes even an umberella.
8. Iska by Cyprian Ekwensi. i read alot and so i always have something to read in my bag, i got this novel from the library in my church and its actually really good. it dates back to the time when Nigeria was separated and it teaches peace and unity basically.
9. Sony DSc-H3. As a photographer there is always the need to capture a moment and  so this small camera is always with me, anywhere i go.
10. Blackberry. This phone stocks all of my contacts, appointments, meetings and business plans. it just makes life easier, instead of carrying a diary or a planner about i can just put everything on the phone and it is always in my hand. i dont think you can catch me without it unless maybe the battery is dead or something.
11. Nokia. Everybody knows how the battery life of the blackberry is so this is an emergency phone to make calls with in case my battery dies or something. very handy phone.
12. Makeup. i dont wear alot of make up and these three items are all i use most of the time plus eyeliner. First is my uber voluminous mascara, i dont know if it has a name, theres just alot of writing on it that i never bothered to read but it makes my eyelashes realllly long and thats all i care about. Second is my avon lipstick in deep red. i nicked it from my friend Tope when she first got it and i have been in love ever since. Third is my chapstick, i dont like to use lipstick directly so i use the chapstick on my upperlip, lipstick on my lower lip and then smack it together.
13. Notepad and pen. just in case i need to write something down.
14. PainKillers. ive had this in my bag for a while now, i hate to take medicine but then theres always that terrible headache or Mp. and its also there just in case any of my friends need it.
So this is what ive been carrying in my bag everyday for the past month or so.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. I'm very tempted to do this myself - and the book Iska by Cyprian Ekwensi, will need to give such a historical book a read sounds pretty interesting x