9:28 PM

I attended a Leadership development programme for 8 months. It was basically a course on how to build businesses, manage them effectively and also how to get along with people or co workers. It was a wonderfull experience because i learnt alot about leadership, businesses and the corporate world. the only downside was that i spent every saturday for 8 months at the centre.
After LDP we were broken into groups and each group was to embark on a service project to give back to the society. My team was called the YES Team which stands for Young Empowered Students (cool name ey?). We went to the Red Cross Orphanage to find out in what way we could help out. After going there a few times we found out that they did not even need provisions and stuff like that because corporate bodies and private individuals donate them on a regular. What we did notice was that they did not have an effective educational sytem and no books, so we decided to build them a mini library and source for books.
It was not easy at all because we went all around Lagos to schools to ask for donations. at the end we got about 300 books and we were also able to raise the money for the bookshelf.
we also decided to go there occasionally to teach the children abit.
now the kids have books, we have finished our project everybody is happy.

We had our graduation not to long ago and it was a really formal affair, we were asked to wear dark suits and i didnt have one so i went hunting.
finally found this one in a shop in Lagos for a very reasonable price and it fit perfectly
the shirt was a gift from my moms friend
belt from my vintage closet
brooch and shoes were gifts from my grandma.
It was a looonng course with many ups and downs but im glad its all over. now i have my saturdays to myself again :D

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