Retro Shoot

2:52 AM

 T-shirt belongs to the boyfriend
Liquid leggings from warehouse and DIY ankara slippers from Topshop(they were initially sandals but then something happened.....)
(almost) Everybody that was at the shoot, im somewhere in this picture sha
couldnt decide whether to have it up or down
Top from Primark
Shorts are Dorothy Perkins cutoffs
Scarf and Bag are from my vintage closet
Rubber slippers are random.

My friends are throwing a "Retro" themed party so they came to me to do a shoot that would portray their theme. It was loads of fun because the boys kept making me laugh and i also had my cousin Tilewa there as my assistant. After about 5 grueling hours shooting under the sun we headed to the beach where i bumped into Adebayo of Leo& Pisces.
Ill be sure to put up the pictures from the shoot once they have been released.

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