9:02 AM

My friend TJ had a shoot a while back (like early this year lol) for his music cover thingy and he asked me to model ^_^
A friend of ours took the pictures with my camera and then i did all of the editing after and it was a lot of work because we shot the pictures in a music studio and there was a lot of junk lying around.
I think the pictures came out alright though and we got the 'sexy look' we were going for
view here for details on the outfit im wearing
and yeah make up was done by @ohgeiy

In other non related news, my school has gone on a strike, to be honest i wanted it to happen because im so overwhelmed with school work atm but then again i pray it wont last more than a week or two.
im really not sure what the academic staff are fighting for, i heard they asked the government for better infrastructures and they have refused to oblige.
Government, Y U NO Oblige??
Let us pray that they oblige o, after a week or two sha ;)

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  1. Amazing pics you are looking good! I love your dress and your braids :))

  2. really great photos!! i love your dress & your hair :) you look beautiful!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  3. AMAZING I LOVE THE PICS!!! the guy is so fresh and stylish and you (i hope u r the one on the pictures) are so cute!!!! nice!