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Thats me above (looking like the biggest weist) doing Ritas makeup. i dont know jack about make up, i usually use just eyeliner and lipstick. i kinda did my usual look for her but then added some eyeshadow and it wasnt so bad after all
 Brakemi did Graces makeup, shes way better at makeup than i am :'(
UNIV is a global organisation that helps young university students around the worldcome together to discuss about their various cultures and communities and also how to make positive changes in our society.
It is associated with the 'Opus Dei' which is a catholic organisation (im not catholic but i know a lot of catholic people) and has its headquarters in Rome.
Every year a topic is sent from Rome to all other countries in the world and each country is supposed to send in an entry, the best entries will be displayed at the grand meeting in Rome.
This years topic was fashion and culture and we decided to showcase the different outfits from the three major tribes in Nigeria. we did a mini shoot and these are a few of the pictures.

The Hausa Look.
The Ibo look.
The Yoruba Look.
I hope our culture fascinates the people in Rome and we get picked for the grand showcase!

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  1. i love the last pic,i think each tribe was really captured/portrayed well

  2. everyone looks great love the vibe of your blog x