What i did this week

2:09 PM

the weave i had in for christmas
So on Monday the NLC commenced a nationwide strike because of the presidents removal of the fuel subsidy.
We had been buying fuel for 65 naira but now that the subsidy has been removed it was supposed to sell for about 140 naira which is not reasonable on any grounds.
Nigerians got angry and decided to protest and for the whole of this week nobody went to work or school but rallied around Ojota and Falomo marching and crying out to the government.
I on the other hand spent the whole week doing nothing productive, ive been feeling like a total weist and i cannot wait for them to call the strike off!

I decided to go natural last year (yaay me!) because my hair is very unhealthy and i just think natural hair is absolutely beautiful.So on monday i took out the brazillian weave i had on and chopped most of my hair off. i didnt do it in any sytematic way, just grabbed a pair of scissors and went wild lol

On Tuesday, i was loving my hair so much i decided to take some uber cool black and white pictures and they didnt turn out so bad.

0n wednesday i decided to braid my hair, did it myself cos i had some leftover attachment at home and i wanted to stop fiddling with my hair and what not.
it took me about 3 hours and i made them really big cos my arms were already complaining
 on thursday i tried to study, but i ended up sketching clothes.
i was inspired by the movie 'sex and the city 2' where they wento Dubai and wore like safari inpired stuff with colors like tan, camel and cream.....really pretty stuff.
On Friday i decided to go out, wento hang with my friend Lanre and we constituted a nuisance on Ozolua road lol, we were just making noise and jumping about.
after all that madness we wento Debolas house cos it was her moms birthday and took silly faced pictures in her mirror

i dont remember what i did on saturday but on sunday i went to church.
Jonathan pleeaasseeeee bring back the subsidy so i wont be wasting my life like this.
i need to be busy
i hope they come to a good conclusion when they have the next meeting, one week of staying at home is enough for the soul. another week would be too extreme....

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  1. lol! i enjoyed reading this post, fun pics too.

  2. such cute pictures <3 x