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Grace Jones
i mentioned in my last post that i was going natural and so i cut my hair myself to a certain length. it was pretty cute at the time of the post but then i could stop cutting my hair, i found it very hard to not pick up a pair of scissors and chop little bits off when i had the chance, and so at some point last week my hair was in shambles.
i went to a barber to sort it out and this was what came out of it.
i didnt like it at first but now i think its pretty cool, kinda like will smith in fresh prince meets grace jones lol
Grace jones was the inspiration behind this post. i dont exactly know what she was famous for but i love her fierce/ scary look
i didnt do a bad job looking scary in these pics too ey?
im wearing diy gap shorts
primark shoes and tights
blazer and belt from my vintage closet
bangles from my cousin Tope
and this halter neck ive had since i was nine.

im other news the strike has been called off and we resume school on monday, Finally!!!!!!

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  1. Hey, I really ur blog, ur photos and hmmmm...ur swags...I mean ur spirit
    okay, ur hair is not really bad... i kinda like it
    but ur halter since age 9? Picture 4 (from top) doesnt tell that
    Cool job with the blog...

  2. Love your shorts with tights! That's a great blazer, too.

    - Shannon

  3. very jones-like!

  4. great blog^^


  5. hey youu, Just nominated you for the versatile blogger award. for more info, visit

  6. mistake *

  7. sorry again x_x *