Bad Blogger

2:05 AM

ive been a terrible terrible blogger. :(
i know
ive just been busy with exams and all and i truly apologise for not posting anything in the past month
school has been such a pain.
and im rounding up my exams now so by next week ill be posting everyday!
ive been up to so much this past month and i cant wait to share everything with you guys.
Kachi of Bitemylowerlips nominated me for the versatile blogger award. Thank You Kachi!!
and once youre have to foward it to other bloggerrs and bla bla bla but omo mehn i do not have the energy for that one right now, maybe later sha.
This is my second award and i really appreciate it.
I Hope everyone has awesome plans for easter, i will be at my table through out this short holiday trying to understand the Law of Tort and negligence and trespass and all what not.
Wish me luck guys.
Happy Easter Everybody!!!

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