birthday wishlist

11:54 AM

birthday wishlist

birthday wishlist by missmide featuring:
1.White Suit
2. Backless black dress
3. White lace dress
4. Red skinnies
5. Green skinnies
6. Acid wash jeans
7. ripped jeans
8. High-low skirt
9. Colourful bandage dress
10. Sequined Shorts
11. Brown tailored shorts
12. Brown brogues
13. Color block shoes
14. Blue pumps
15. Thick heeled shoes
16. Chunky necklaces
17. Cross Ring
18. Leopard print shirt
so its my birthday in a few days
and these are a few of the things i would be extremely grateful for if i got
and theyre all basic stuff nothing outrageous
*wink* lol
ill probably have to buy most of the stuff here myself
but a girl can dream, cant she?

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  1. hi girls thank you for your comment on my blog and follow.
    I love your outfits and your blog. I'm your blog.

  2. thanks a lot for the love on my blog.I am loving your blog too!I love those colour blocked sandals!I have always wanted them but they are Giuseppe Zanotti.I guess I would have it in my dreams.great wishlist though.x

    1. You're welcome babe. Lol that's why I even removed the prices. Any kind of color block sandals will do for me

  3. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  4. awww pink skirt! i wanna!!love it!

  5. Aww great wish list ;-) love everything!! Check out my blog if u like we can follow each other!?!

    1. Thanks Abby, I have checked it out. I love your blog!