11:36 AM

Georgia is an aspiring model who needed pictures for the casting of some modelling agency. She came to me and was totally clueless about everything lol. I just told her to bring clothes that would show off her legs and that we would figure out the rest from there.
When she came the next day i had no idea where we were going to shoot cos it was my moms birthday and i had been doing alot of running around so we just wento the back of my house and started shooting lol. Theres this guy that does this laundry business not to far from mine so one of his clothes drier thingies was just there staring at us. So i thought, why not use this thing as i prop and i told Georgia to climb it, it was abit shaky at first but she got comfortable and that was how we were able to get all these awesome pictures. So thank you laundry people.
After submitting these pictures, the Agency picked Georgia (well who wouldnt? Look at her legs) and everybody was happy J.

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  1. I love the last picture. She has really great legs. Good job on the photos!