Alex-Kay and Ayaba

11:46 AM

So i got the chance to work with two awesome ladies a while ago. Keji of AlexKay Makeovers and Tomiwa of Ayaba
both extremely creative minds in their different fields
the shoot started out kind of late
and that day my camera proved to me how awesome it was because these pictures were taken at about 6.30/7pm so it was practically dark
but the pictures came out well enough (i think)
i loved all the pieces, every single one of them, but my favorite would have to be that green jacket
its soo gorgeous
so what do you guys think about the makeup and the clothes?

21.Shoe size: 42
22. Eye Color: Brown
23. Hair color: Brown
24. Favorite style of clothing: dresses
25. Ever done a prank call: Yesss, loaddss
26. Meaning behind my url: My name
27. Favorite movie: its a tie between love dont cost a thing, the notebook and the bridesmaids
28. What color underwear am i wearing now: Pink
29.Favorite song: I Swear by All4one
30. Favorite Band: Paramore

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  1. Two absolutely gorgeous ladies & one fab shoot!


  2. Oooh and yes, that jacket is a little piece of gorgeous!


  3. I suppose that it has been a funny Shootin'....this girls are so cute!!

    My favourite picture is the second one, I'm love with that Skirt