7:13 AM

Always Look Good (ALG) is an urban clothing company owned by a few of my friends, they provide clothing of distinct taste for both male and female at very affordable rates.
i and my brother were with them the other day and so we decided to have a mini shoot to show off their latest collection. what do you guys think of the pictures and the shirts?

and now in other unrelated news i found this 150 question thing on tumblr so i decided to do it
ill be answering 10 questions in every post and i think it will be fun. so here goes.
1.Full Name : Olamide Coker
2. Zodiac Sign : Taurus
3. 3 Fears: Failure, Snakes and creepy crawlies
4. 3 things i love: clothes, dogs and pictures
5. 4 turn-ons : a great smile, a sense of humor, good dress sense and an awesome smelling cologne
6. 4 turn-offs : lies, tardiness, body/mouth odour, sloppyness
7. Best Friend : Dare Asobele (nobody should mention this to me after reading the post. thanks alot)
8. Sexual Orientation : i am.........straight.
9. My best first date : Do movies count as dates? no? then i havent been on a date
10. How tall am I : I am 5'8

and now in some more unrelated news, the vice chancellor of my school passed away on friday and so school was cancelled for most of the week. i am not really enjoying my stay at home because i am as bored as anything. i hope everyone had a fun weekend? i know i did.
stay safe.....x.

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  1. I like plaid shirts! Great pictures too; I like the brightness of it! :)

  2. This is a very cool line, the shirts looks great and it's very nice learning a few things about 'em.

  3. Very nice photos!