Cultural Day

9:20 AM

spot me somewhere in this picture
Happy Sunday Guys!
So a while ago, my smallies asked me to come cover their cultural day. They were going to be dressed in their bestest cultural outfits and wanted some awesome pictures
well i was happy to oblige and when i got there they were all dressed so colorfully and wonderfully it brought tears to my eyes(joke)
they took the thing seriously and went all out with their outfits
i dont even remember ever having a cultural day when i was in secondary school
so sad.
anyways hope you guys like the pictures, i know i love em

41. Have i ever kissed the last person i texted: haha. yess
42. When did i last hold hands: Yesterday
43. How long does it take for me to get ready in the morning? : erm about 45 minutes
44. Have i shaved my legs in the past 3 days?: No. lol
45. Where am i right now?: i am at home
46. If i were drunk and i cant stand. whos taking care of me: well i havent gotten drunk before, mainly becos im scared everybody else will be and then no one will be able to take care of me. so i usually keep watch and end up being the one taking care of the drunk one.
47. Do i like music loud or at a reasonable level: Definately loud!!
48. Do i live with my mom and dad? : Yes i do
49. Am i excited for anything? : umm no, not at the moment.
50. Do i have someone of the opposite sex i tell everything to?: Yes. and his name is.......the one who shall not be named hahaha

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