Its my blogiversary!!!

10:13 AM

So my blog is a year old today. whoop whoop!
I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my blog thus far
the people that view it and also those that leave comments, you guys rock!
when i started the blog, to be honest i didnt think anyone would be interested in it talkless of having over 100 followers and over 20,000 views
so im glad and very thankful for all the opportunities this blog has brought me and i promise that i will try to be more consistent with the blog
The other day in school, this girl called Ife walked up to me and told me she follows my blog and that like totally made my day, For real.
If theres anyway you guys think i can improve my blog just pop me an email at or leave a comment if you can. I would really appreciate it.
So thanks again everybody for all the support, love and good wishes, i will try to be better this year!

71. Do i spend money or save it?: I spend half and save half
72. Can i touch my nose with my tongue?: I just tried and i cant (are there really people that can?)
73. Is there anything pink 10 feet from me?: Im staring at my pink watch right now
74. Favorite animal?: Dogssss
75. What was i doing at 12am last night?: I was asleep
76. What do i think Satans last name is?: Griffin? (im sure peter is somehow related to him)
77.Whats a song that always makes me happy when i hear it?: Some song from Lilo and Stitch, me and my brother remixed it so its kind of like our themesong
78. What would i want to be written on my tombstone?: Something great and awesome but i dont know what it is yet
79. What is my favorite word?: Its either Genshi or Skrep (yes i know they are not real words)
80. How can you win my heart?: Hmmn, question of life. Well.... you cant. hehehe

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  1. Happy B'day Blogiversary....I will keep the words for mine too!!!


  2. congrats!


  3. Congrats!!!! And thank you for all your sharing!!! :) WHOOP WHOOP!

  4. Hi Mide, congrats on your blog turning one. It is a huge step and I am happy you have made it.

  5. Congrats dear, keep up the great work.



    Thanks for your comment on my blog. yours is cute!!

  7. Congrats on your blog turning 1! I was busy with finals that I didn't realize my blog anniversary had gone and past. Keep it up.