My first braid/plait out

10:28 AM

I did my big chop in March, March 21st to be exact and this is what it looked like 
dont ask what i was doing here. i dont know lol
So here we are two months later with a fuller head of hair. can you guys see the growth? how awesome is it
so i was getting a little bored with my hair so i decided to tweak it abit. its long enough to plait so i did little plaits all over my head. This was on friday so i had the plaits in all through the weekend. i kept it covered though because it looked horrid.

So this morning, before class, i took out the plaits and heres what it looked like

I love the way my hair turned out and i probably be wearing it like this more often. majorly because its fuss free and i dont have to comb it. In school today not many people liked it. infact a few people told me to comb my hair. Well its not your hair its mine and if you need to see hair combed so badly; comb your own!
im a happy child and i looove my hair!

51. How often do i wear a fake smile?: Not so often
52. When was the last time i hugged someone: Like 5 minutes ago (i can hug for africa)
53. What if the last person i kissed was kissing someone else in front of me: I would be terribly hurt
54. Is there anyone i trust even though i should not: No. i dont trust many people
55. What is something i disliked about today: The rain
56. If i could meet anybody on this earth who would it be: ermm i would have to get back to you guys on this one
57. What do i think about most?: Food and clothes
58. Whats my strangest talent: i can roll my tongue into wierd shapes? is that a talent? no? okay :(
59. Do i have any strange phobias?: I dont watch horror movies (is that a phobia) im scared i wont get the images out of my mind and ill be scarred for life. i still remember the first horror movie i saw, it was called 'Dusk till Dawn' i was about 10 or so and i can still remember all the gory scenes *shrug*
60. Do i prefer to be behind the camera or infront of it? To be front of it. yes im a little vain *giggles*

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  1. Aww! I love these pictures; very nice!

    Don't worry, Mide. People will not like your hair, especially when you go natural. I've had that experience, but as long as you love your hair, don't mind what others think. Embrace your hair and learn to work with it.

    I like the braid out; it's cute. :)

  2. ur hair is beautiful ..forget about what people say! and carry on loving and enjoying ur hair :)

  3. lovely hair and amazing blog :)
    p.s just folowed you so pls follow back

  4. Love the hair,i totally suits u,beautiful!
    Thanks for ur lovely comment.