12:32 PM

So i decided to start this new blog called 'Unifashion' to showcase fashion in my school
Everyday i see people wearing either the coolest or wierdest stuff and i'm like; the world has to see this person
This blog will be showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly and it would mean alot if you guys checked it out and left comments.
I'm using a different site this time so commenting will be easy.
I will be posting every week and (maybe) we will have polls to pick a look of the week/month and all that jazz.
I pray it turns out okay and i also pray that i will be consistent.

61. What was the last lie i told?: I lied that i was not at home when in fact i was
62. Do i prefer talking on the phone or texting?: Texting
63. Do i believe in Aliens?: No
64: Do i believe in Magic?: Sometimes
65. Do i believe in luck?: Yes
66. Whats the weather like right now?: Cold
67. What was the last book i read?: Never far from nowhere by Andrea Levy
68. Do i like the smell of gasoline?: No i dont
69. What are my nicknames?: I have the worst nicknames and i am too shy to share x_x
70. What was the worst injury i ever had?: Fell into a gutter when i was little, i still have the scar

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  1. Awww! This makes me miss Nigeria so much! I love the styles though; very versatile. I really like the guy's color-blocking look and the girl with the dotted shirt! :)

  2. I agree, The girl with the dotted shirt steals the show for me....

    Tagged you in the ELEVENS on my post. Visit my blog to read all about it.

  3. that's a cool idea go on!!! The first picture are already great, I'm in love with the colour and more I've crushed on all their bag OMG

  4. Nice initiative! Let's go!
    Love the looks! And the guy's color blocking is too much! Someone needs to tell him it's on point.