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Dear 16 year old me,
Wussup nigga? lol
I know school isnt easy but what im facing now is alot tougher so i guess you kinda had it easy.
i know most times you are confused about things but let me just say that at some point you wont be confused anymore because God will be there to guide you.

I also know most times you dont feel pretty, because of all that acne, and all of your scars. but guess what? its all gone! well most of it is
I know youre not confident because you think that there are some people better than you. The thing is NOBODY can make you feel inferior apart from yourself. Just chin up, stand up straight and walk tall! (like a boss) (because you will be a boss someday)

Remember you were sad because that stupid coach made you a class prefect instead of Health prefect?
Well lets thank God he made you class prefect because if that didnt happen you wouldnt have met one of your closest friends.

Remember how you used to starve yourself and drink only water because you wanted to be skinny.
Well darling, lets just say that you are never going to be skinny and i'm just glad that at this point you are (almost) happy with your body and you are learning to love and accept it the way it is.

Remember your favorite song was Green day's Boulevard of Broken dreams? beacause you used to walk alone?
Well your favorite song now is 'What the hell' by Avril Lavigne

And all the fine boys that you are always looking for up and down, they are not fine anymore...Foreeall. in fact at some point, you will start looking for ugly boys because those fine boys are just not worth the stress.

Also stop trying to be a grown up, with all your schedules and what not, just live freely and be spontaneous, the best things in life come in the strangest ways
Its just weird that you used to let the smallest things bring you down and make you sad
and i know you used to act like the coolest kid on the block on the outside but i know how you were feeling inside.

One more thing. You suck at sports, especially basketball. But thank God we didnt give up because we got the chance to go to so many schools and meet so many people.

Be happy! Because now that youve grown and lived a little you are a better person.
From your 19 year old self ^_^

The Awesome Oluwaseun of MyStyledExpressions tagged me to do this post.
I think its really cool and i cant wait to read other bloggers' posts
im going to be like Tomilola and put it out there, anybody who wants to do this tag should please do it and leave a link for me so i can read it.

The picture above is of me at 16, it was my valedictory service and yes i was feeling myself because everybody was taking my picture lol
ive been a diva for a while hehehe

I also started a blog when i was 16, i had just gotten into uni at the time and i liked to write so i thought why not. If you wanto check it out heres a link: InOtherWords.

Today, my parting message will be YOLO! (dont judge me)

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  1. Lovely letter. You really spoke from the heart. I also starved myself at that age, because I wanted to be 'skinny'. But, guess what? I'm not meant to be 'skinny' and that's okay!

    I was also a class prefect, well an 'Head Girl' to be precise. I was late to school when I was announced as the 'Head Girl.' LOL. I also suck at sports...haha.

    I love that picture, very fierce!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. LOL. This was a lot of fun to read. You have an amazing body love! You berra love it! x

  3. What a fun letter! You started university at 16? (O.O) really? Wasn't that too young?

  4. omg! your outfit is very cute and amazing!
    your blog is very interesting and good! <3


  5. I loved reading this so much! you looked good in the picture!

  6. Oh wow. Teenage years. Sigh

    I did the tag thing too. Here: http://toinlicious.blogspot.com/2012/05/elevens.html Enjoy