Hair Update: Bohemian Curls and Braids

10:46 AM

Hi Guys!
im sooo sorry for not posting in a while
ive just been very busy with school and ive also been having internet problems,
so between june and july i had a weave in as a protective hairstyle
its Pro10's Bohemian curls in 12 inches
i didnt like it at first but i came to love it towards the end
i had it for only 3 weeks because my hair was already coming undone underneath the weave
After that for the most of July i decided to do braids,
i bought the attachment, asked the people at the salon to help me cut it and pull it and then attached it to my head myself.
i have not gotten used to spending so much money on hair again so i believe this was the easiest way.
it took about a day and a half because i wasnt feeling too well but i was successful at the end and it was quite neat. most people didnt even believe i did it myself.
Here are some pictures, theyre abit weird but they will have to do.

So thats that on my hair basically.
im starting my exams soon so i cant promise that i will post regularly
oh and yeah i edited all of the pictures above with Picasa, this new one is really cool all of a sudden
Hope you guys are doing alright though

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  1. Yay!! You look gorgeous. Continue working hard and good luck. I love the weave and braids on you. I also do my hair by myself, or have my sister do it. Lovely pictures :)

  2. I agree the weave and braids are really great on you, you're beautiful !

  3. So I'm not weird afterall! Ppl almost pass out when they know I braids my hair myself. From micro to jumbo braids. Cool t meet u guys :-) lovely look mide!