Hijab Fashion

9:26 AM

I dont know if you guys have noticed but the Islamic sistas have been upping their fashion game recently.
They really put alot of effort into creating their outfits and many of them are really inspiring with the way they get their scarves and accessories to match. ive come across a few and i am really impressed.
My friend Bolu is one of the fashionable Hijabis/Hijabites (im not sure) and she had a shoot a while ago to show some outfits she styled. Basically different looks for different occasions, and the photos were taken by Olu Timehin (@No1Timi)
I think they are really cool. what do you guys think?
I also found out that there are many Hijabi fashion bloggers in the blog community. One of them is Ascia and i simply adore her looks. These are some of them below and you can check out her blog here

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  1. This is great and I like how they all style it all so well!

  2. You all look amazing, I like all of your individual styles!

  3. i think bolu looks great and really hot, i love the fashion concept, also timi is a great photographer

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm the model.
      Do you know which site I can get more hijabs from?
      I want prints Aztec, Floral. The likes.

  5. Thank you ... your article is very good. I'll be writing and making it the inspiration www.hijabsfashion

  6. Thank You All,
    I'm The Model
    Those are amazing pictures. Thanks to the Photographer and to Mide for posting them.
    God's Blessing On You All.

  7. Wow!!! You are select awesome pics for HIJAB FASHION designs... really nice design.

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