Hair Update- Bantu Knot-out

10:25 AM

Hi Guys!
so i just wanted to do a quick update,
i took out my last weave early august and since then ive been rocking this awesome wig
i usually do my hair in about 6 cornrows before i sleep but since i was going to be wearing the wig for a while i made the cornrows smaller so that they will last longer.
so every morning i just clip on my wig and im good to go.
Yesterday night i was feeling very bored with my hair so i took out my cornrows and tried the bantu knots,i left them overnight and this morning i pulled them out and this was the result
not bad ey?
after that i just sprayed my hair with a coconut oil and water mix so it wont get dry.
my hair stayed this way all day and i got a lot of compliments so i was very happy.
Also, peep my versace inspired necklace that i got for 1k at Lagos market and i was so close to buying it in a store for 5k. The Lord is good.

How are you guys rocking your natural hair??

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  1. The bantu knot results looks very good. I like the young vibe it gives off. The fluffy Afro is a favorite of mine! :)

  2. the bantu result looks good.....where did you make your wig or get it from?

  3. Lovely! Tried bantu knots on my transitioned hair. Didn't like the result. :(


  4. The result looks great. Am still confused as to what to do to my hair

  5. Hey dear thanks for stopping by my blog and joining.

    Really nice result with the bantu twist. Tried it too when i was transitioning and it worked well for me. BTW, what is the name of the wig & where did you get it. Its really nice.

  6. Never quite gotten the hang of the Bantu knots themselves. Bantu twistouts are more my thing but it looks lovely on you.