Yemi Alades promo shoot

9:41 AM

Hi Guys,
A while ago I got the opportunity to work with Obinna of Fenix Incorporated. He is Yemi Alades official stylist and I went out to assist him.
Yemi is an amazing artiste and she is A LOT prettier in real life than in pictures. (ya'll photographers dont do her enough justice).
We shot two looks,
The first one was a cute baby doll dress with stripper heels and a lot of colourful accessories and the second look was very posh with a white dress, fur coat, black gloves and red lips.
There was a great vibe and the photographers (Vinny/Egofix) studio was awesome. It had really cool graffiti on the walls and the ceiling had these vintage record thingies and it was all so cool, Me and Obinna had to get some pictures by the wall.
The shoot was for her two new songs 'My head o' and 'birthday song' and they are amazing!
you can listen or download them here
Right now shes doing radio tours around Nigeria to promote the songs but i heard once shes back work starts on the videos and i cant wait!

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  1. I saw you on Moments with MO last night and i was so excited :D

    1. I'm so sad I didn't get to see it. I hope I looked good though

  2. Love your acid wash jean, Mide.

  3. lovely photos

  4. I love graffiti!
    You look good.
    Lovely photos btw.