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Hi Guys!
long time no post
ive been watching a lot of make-up videos and i have decided to step up my game by purchasing some key items.
but omo make up parole is expensive o!
so ill be buying stuff bit by bit
There are alot of online stores that sell makeup
but i decided to buy from AccessoriesNG because they had the Nyx jumbo pencil (everybody else was out of stock).
I have started a new segment on my blog where ill be doing reviews so watch out for more posts like this.

Website : www.

Delivery Cost : i paid 800 for delivery because i live on the mainland. its more expensive for deliveries on the island and strange places like epe. i think the max cost for delivery is like 1.6 shaa

Delivery Time : They delivered the next day.

Customer service : They did not contact me to inform me what day they would be delivering. The dispatch rider called when he was close to my house and i was at a wedding. I was just lucky someone was home to receive it. What if no one was home??

And finally, the bag was very drab. I expected it to be awesome and colorful, i don't know why.
and the bag was also too small for the stuff i bought.

I hope this review was helpful.

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