Ilaje 2014

9:09 AM

Hi Guys!
I mentioned a while ago that i was part of a charity organisation called 'Campus2Communities'
We had a childrens day celebration for the kids at the Ilaje community today,
it was a lot of fun because they got to paint their faces, eat tons of food and they also got gifts including shoes!
They had a drama presentation, cultural dances and many dancing competitions.
We had this last year and im really glad we could do it again this year, our aim was basically to encourage the children that go to school in the community because its a rural area and not many parents believe in education.
So when the party started like a billion other children from the community that dont attend school came to join in and we were proper overwhelmed. But we thank God it was successful and the children had a lot of fun!

Now im off to study for the evidence test i have tomorrow, im not totally ready but i just had to put this post up tonight.
Pray for me guys.

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  1. I love your blog, your style, your passion. This post is wonderful. You guys really did something special for these kids. May God reward you now and forever. Keep it up. Nice pictures! Luv the logo.

  2. Great pictures! Good luck on your test!

  3. Great photos! well done. great job!

  4. Ah Mide, these are really great!
    I admire yhur work. With the kids. And with the photography!

    I declare excellent success in yhur test. It is already written! Go ahead & pass eet!