How i got rid of Acne

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Photo taken on wednesday
Photo taken on Sunday

Hi Guys,
so for the past two weeks or so i was suffering from really bad acne.
i have really oily skin so im prone to break out but i had a regime i followed and it kept my skin under control.
i used to use the neutrogena wash shown above daily and that was the only product i used for my face and then one day the store we bought it from didnt have it anymore, we searched everywhere but it was totally out of stock so i started using the clean and clear wash and that worked just as well (surprisingly because it does not contain salycilic acid).
I ran out of that not long after and instead of me to buy another bottle i decided to try a new face wash, it was a neutrogena oil free product as well but it didnt work at all, within 3days i broke out and it was really bad. The worst kind of pimples appeared on my face, the really tiny ones that are just everywhere, they were very painful and i couldnt pop them and they were all over my forehead and the sides of my face all the way to my neck.
You can see from the 2 photos above, it doesnt even look so bad in the pictures because i was wearing concealer, foundation and powder to try to cover it up.
Later on Yemi found the wash for me and i started using it again without any other products but my face didnt clear up. That was when i knew it was time for war lol
I bought the astringent and nixoderm and followed the steps above and in 4 days my face was clear!
Yes nixoderm still exists and it works like a bastard.
For those who dont know nixoderm its a cream that contains Benzoic acid, other creams which contain this acid work well but not as fast an example is Noxema. It works so well because it also contains Salycilic acid which is the second super killer of acne. so its double trouble for your pimples.
I only apply nixoderm at night because its very white
and it also has alot of menthol so it feels asif its burning your skin, but its not so just manage
if you follow the steps above for one night, im sure by the next morning your face will feel alot smoother
so imagine doing this for a week.
Now that my face has cleared up however, i have stopped using nixoderm
and i only use the astringent and scrub three times a week
i use the facial wash daily (morning and night) and so far im still pimple free.
The last photo was taken 4 days after i started the war and im wearing just powder in that photo.
It may not take 4 days for you o
idk the type of pimples you have but it will definitely make a difference
also i followed the 4 steps only at night
in the mornings i didnt use nixoderm
I hope this helps.
Let me know if my technique worked for you.

St Ives scrub - 850naira
Neutrogena wash - 1500naira
Clean and Clear Wash - 1200naira
Astringent - 1000naira
Nixoderm - 100naira
(prices may vary depending on the store)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  2. The path to flawless skin is not easy
    Nixoderm's not for the weak or sensitive skinned though

    1. not every body can be a fresh faced babe like you na

  3. Tnks my darling Mide I'm so trying it!thnk you.

  4. I'm currently using the clean&clear scrub, I feel my blackheads are clearing little by little but I still on the occasional experience the bad pimples, huge ones here and there :'(

    1. i dont think the scrub alone will work as it only removed the dirt on the surface, maybe you should try a cream with benzoic acid

  5. I love the fact that you tried all these on your face and it worked for you but unfortunately, I have bad acne but can't use any of the above mentioned. Scrubs open my pores and attract more pimples to my face. Astringent contain alcohol, the last time I checked and Nixoderm gives me the most terrible rash!
    I need help!

    1. since the chemicals dont work, maybe you can try a natural product like shea butter, i know someone it worked for but it took a whillee. you can use it at night and see how well it works

  6. Recently I've had a recent bout of spots. I've never had acne and rarely get spots so I've been very alarmed and saddened by the whole experience. Thanks for sharing this, I'm excited to try that scrub. Hopefully it'll be my life saviour. I'm now following you on GFC, I'd love it if you could follow me there too? xx

    1. hi Louise, im glad i could help
      ill follow your blog

  7. I ran out of my clean and clear foaming facial cleanser and bought the neutrogena oil free acne wash and I had mad reactions to it. We're different though. I use the queen helene oatmeal and honey scrub, clean and clear foaming facial cleanser, neutrogena pore refining toner and clean and clear astringent

  8. Really? wow! I'll definitely try this out. I have almost given up on my acne filled face but using your formula just might work. I'll give it say thirty days. That would be enough right? Or do I need to do this everyday? Forever? Oh no!