X-Pression Vivi Curl

11:20 AM

Hi Guys,

i decided to do a review on the weave i had on last month, its called 'Vivi Curl' by X-pression and i got it in color 30/33. I used two packs and one cost me 800naira (super cheap yeah? i know)
The pictures above are from the day after i did it and i loved it
it was super light and very bouncy and i left some of my hair out in front because i didnt want to have parting issues.
i had it in for two weeks and a few days. i could not comb it because the hair is synthetic so i put it in a hairnet for bed, sprayed it with a water and oil mix most mornings and just left it.
after a while it started sticking together and got super tangled and i dont know if its the weaves fault or i wasnt very good at managing it, or maybe it was the water and oil that spoilt it but this is what it looked like the day before i took it out after i had pulled out the curls trying to detangle and it looked like a mess.

I hope this review was helpful

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  1. I think the stickiness may be because its synthetic plus are you supposed to spray oil on it? Me I dunno sha, there's this synthetic hair I use sometimes, 'noble 427" its also bohemian curl'ish and I don't even do anything to it and I can carry it for up to a month.

  2. Haaay, our hair,
    liking the new blog look, minimalist i think?

  3. Nice Mide, saw it at a salon last month too and have it in mind to make.

  4. Hey I don't think it is advised to spray water on synthetic hair as it does tend to stick together even more!! I love your make up, so flawless babe. Thanks for stopping by blog and following you now too! :) x


  5. You shouldn't have used water. What you should have used is styling mousse once in a while

  6. Is it possible to use just one pack?