Being Me (Tag)

6:41 AM

Hi Guys,

Cassie tagged me to do this, and first of all i'd like to say that i really enjoy blog tags.
 Its a really nice way to get to know fellow bloggers and since i havent done one in a while im going to be giving really long answers. lol

Are you named after someone? :
No, i dont think so

When was the last time you cried? :
I dont know who sent me to watch 'My Sisters Keeper' again, i saw it recently and i wept buckets

Do you have any children? :
Not yet but soon

If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself? :
Well to be honest, i met someone who is exactly like me, we had the same sense of humor and we even used to read eachothers minds, but as fun as it was. It was really hard to be that persons friend because the person was super friendly yeah but still super distant, that put some things into perspective for me. So im not really sure if i would be my own friend.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? :
I can never get tired of Sugar cane, Kilishi, Milo, Dairy Milk (whole nut), Toblerone and Asun from 'The Place'

Do you like handwriting? :
As opposed to what? typing? i dont really understand this question. But i prefer to type on my phone. Im always on my phone.

What’s your favourite cereal? :
Special K with Red Berries

What’s the first thing you notice about people? :
Their face.

What’s the colour of your eyes? :
Dark Brown

Scary movies or happy endings? :
I still dont get why people enjoy scary movies, i dont see the point. I love happy endings and i hated the new spiderman movie because the ending wasnt happy

Favourite TV show? :
The Big Bang Theory  (would you believe i never watched 'friends'? and i dont like 'suits' and im not watching GOT or Telemundo)
I really only enjoy series when i watch them at a stretch and i only like the funny ones

Winter or summer? :
Summer  (whistles* when i met you in the summer)

Hugs or kisses? :
Huggssssss especially the really tight choky ones when the person smells nice

Special talent?
I can hold a conversation with just about anybody. I think thats a special talent. Im not socially awkward at all.

Where were you born? :
Lagos, Nigeria.

My favorite thing to do is to sleep. I do not have any trouble at all when it comes to this, i can sleep for a whole day. Im the girl that dozes off when there is nothing to do or when i have to wait for something lol. I also enjoy dancing, swimming and watching videos on youtube

Do you have any pets? :
No :( we used to have dogs, but my dad gave them out because we didnt have the time to take care of them. Im going to have 4 dogs when i have my own house though.

Favourite movie(s) ?
I like really sad romantic movies where i cry apart from comedies so ill go with Love dont cost a thing, The best man holiday, Love and Basketball and The Notebook.

What colour is your car?
(God said we should speak in faith)

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Become the greatest lawyer of all time. LOL. It it was funny as i was typing it. Im not sure what i want to do with my life yet. But its probably something that involves me getting paid to dress up.

Desola of DeeMako
Alice of Lecess Royale
Princess of Pixie Inc
Velma of In Fashion Rehab
Lape of Beauty Geek

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  1. lol! we both like asun from "the place". i also did not quite understand the handwriting question lol. your plan to own 4 dogs made me giggle cos i thought, why 4, and not 3, or 2, like why that particular number?

    1. 4 because i want 2 big dogs for security purposes and 2 small fluffy ones that will be running around the house, being cute and being all over me lol

  2. Nice one ama do my own "being me tag" Tnks hun

  3. Nice one ama do my own "being me tag" Tnks hun

  4. I fee you on getting paid to dress up, cant believe that you've never watched friends and that you hate suits;that's my show. I love Kilishi too.

  5. Mide! I am so addicted to asun from the place! I'm excited to do this tag stuff although I'm new to it!

  6. Suits is dry jor, and Kilishi is the best! i have consumed unbelievable amounts lol

  7. Awww, Thanks for the tag Mide, it's my first one and I'm happy :)

  8. Kai I cant remember the last time I had sugar cane. I want one now. Dont we all want to be paid to get.....I'm waiting for the person that will write"i want to pay people to get dressed" lol

  9. Mide, we should totally hang out, i just saw friends marathon last month to stop the look i get when i say i never watched friends and jeez...i am so friendly and talkative but also very distant and unpredictable.
    thanks for tagging me..answer up by the weekend.x

  10. Lool...I enjoyed reading this...God said we should have faith you know..lool

  11. I can sleep ehn.... my mum has a nickname for me - tobi olorun . I also lovee huggs... especially with tall people. kilishi is too pepperish for me.