Lihao Chinese Cuisine

11:10 AM

Hi Guys!
long time no see ey?
if you know me or follow me on instagram youll know that i looovvee food
and i have decided to share this love with you guys
awesome right?
So last week Yems and i went to check out this chinese place thats close to my school because we were feeling fancy and didnt want to go all the way to the island.
Whenever i go to a chinese place for the first time, i prefer to order the safest choice, fried rice and the shredded beef sauce.
No chinese place can go wrong with fried rice and shredded beef right? right.
Most people like to have soup to start with but i think its disgusting, especially corn soup.
like why would i want to eat hot thick corn water? no no.
But samosa and spring rolls? yes yes and i must have both!
We ordered two bowls of rice, one with shrimp and the other with mixed beef and then the sauce
The rice tasted okay but there was too much egg and not enough of everything else, it was like i was eating rice and egg. ugh
Then the sauce was super salty, i didnt have more than one spoon
so yeah it looked awesome but it didnt taste so awesome
im not sure if i want to do ratings yet but im not going to rate this meal.
Because at the end we were sad we didnt just go to 'The Place' (omg story for another day)

Location: Commercial Avenue, Yaba (adjacent to ozone cinemas)
Price : Everything cost about 7k
Service : decent
Ambience : it was dimly lit like any other chinese place, but there wasnt anything fascinating.
                    i wasnt excited to be there.
Would i go again? : yes i would, but i would try something else and if that something else is just as bad, then thats the end.

I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know your thoughts...

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  1. The food looks good, sad that it didn't taste as good as it looked.

  2. Hate when food looks a lot better than it tastes. Can be Lovely pictures, great post!

  3. very lovely pictures and a nice review.

  4. The green peppers got me salivating eh,
    oh well, not all can be awesome

  5. Lol @ "hot thick corn water".