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11:16 AM

Hi Guys,
So last week i met up with Liz Yemoja for a quick lunch at this place. I had never heard of it but its her favorite spot and they even know her there.
Liz was having the chicken peppersoup and she said it was supper yummy although it had alot of pepper (sorry i didnt get a picture guys, i realised i should do the review after she was done lol)
I had eaten not too long ago so i ordered the B-hive Club sandwich and a strawberry smoothie because i love smoothies. it took a while but it was worth the wait, it was totally awesome and it had everything in it, eggs, bacon, chicken, veggies and it wasnt messy at all.

Location: 31 Victoria Arobieke Street, opp. Lekki British School, Lekki Phase 1
Price : Everything cost about 6k, Liz had water with her peppersoup
Service : Awesome, the babe that served said i hope you enjoy your meal with a smile and asked if we enjoyed it after.
Ambience : Lovely, the chairs are lovely and the decor is ethnic, when you walk in theres a bamboo wall, like who has a bamboo wall? The place is so comfortable and you can put your feet up. its perfect for a casual meeting or to hang out with friends. They also had an outdoor chill spot which was really nice.
Would i go again : Absolutely! cos i have to try the peppersoup.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review.

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  1. The sandwich looks yummy. Sounds affordable too. Great review! I'm definitely gonna check it out. Maybe take bae along too.😀

  2. Very beautiful pictures and a great review too.

  3. The place looks nice and the sandwich looks soo good!!
    Will try out the place.


  4. The sandwich??? Dear Lord! Looks great!

  5. Okay. I will be there on Saturday. Thanks for sharing xx