The Yagazie Series

11:52 AM

Hi Guys,
so i attended the Yagazie Lunch series and it was basically a platform for women to talk about issues that others are scared to talk about or feel shouldnt be voiced out.
Ive been a fan of Yagazie for a long time and when i found out that she was hosting a kind of meet and greet i knew i had to attend.
We paid 5k to attend and there was food, puff puff and cake.
It was at the Social Place at VI, where there was a nicely decorated hall and the scenery outside the place was really interesting.
We spoke about alot of stuff, from Self love to dickmatization (which is the female version of being pussy whipped(as i learnt)) and alot of the women there opened up and shared their experiences. It was a form of therapy for some people and i was glad i got to listen to these stories of all the beautiful women present.
It was also a chance to network so i got to meet some pretty cool people. The only downside was that i was expecting a larger meal and a real goody bag with the amount we paid but oh well.
I hope more events like this pop up ( for free though) because we got to share experiences and learn from eachother. isnt that what life is about?

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  1. Love the red ankara jumpsuit and the long stripe kimono/shirt-dress


  2. I see you had fun. nice look'

  3. everybody was on point!!... i love that Nigerians are soo stylish.... lol

  4. All these natural hairstyles are making me jealous

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