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Hi Guys!

Chefvys is an upscale buka that my family and i visit regularly, its the place you go to for meals when you dont feel like cooking.
We usually go there sundays after church, and then just go home and sleep lol (you guys know sunday afternoon naps are the best!)
I think i have tried everything that they sell there and everything is awesome (que lego movie soundtrack)
They serve mainly regular nigerian dishes, rice, pottage, pounded yam, amala, ofada.... everything sha
My favorites are the spaghetti, corned beans, pounded yam and ofada, the spaghetti had finished on this day but it usually has green and red peppers and chopped beef and carrots and all sorts of mede mede, chai
Also the corned beans is heavenly and they have gizzard and snails and giant shakis. Im getting hungry just typing this.
They also have regular pastries but ive never tried any of them.

Location : 20, Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos (its on the street behind the sweet sensation)

Price : Since its an upscale buka, most meals come to about 1k, 1.5 if you are feeling fancy. When we go to eat we don't usually spend more than 5/6k and there are four of us.

Service : You get to pick what you want, its really hard sometimes because of the variety and then everything is calling your name. But its a select and serve process, you pay immediately and then you carry your tray to your seat. Its alot easier than having to wait for food (which i hate)

Ambience : Ok, nothing fancy. Its simple and comfortable, there are 2 tvs on both sides of the place and they either show Africa Magic or football, so after your meal you can chill and watch tv for a bit or have a nice chat.

Would i go again : Err i go there almost everyweek. Their food never ever gets old and like i said earlier...everything is awesome

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  1. Kai me I'm even hungry now. Its not good oh, all this food u are posting so chai deris God o

  2. Hey. I know this place. I pass there Everytime I'm in yaba. I've always wanted to try their food. Their food looks nice. Great review. I'll definitely stop by when next I'm in yaba.

  3. Just what I need right now, kai! not fair :)

  4. Wow the food looks amazing! I have never tried snails but I am very interested in trying it!
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