Midas Naturals

5:28 AM

Hi Guys,

so i won a giveaway by Naija Naturals sponsored by Midas Naturals
Its a sample pack with Shampoo, co wash, whipped shea butter and hydrating hair mist.

Last week, i decided to treat my hair to the goodies and i looooved the way it felt and smelt after.
I have been wearing a wig for the past few weeks so the picture of my hair with the middle part was taken after i took out the cornrows i had under the wig.
After shampoo and conditioning, I did a twist out i carried for two days before combing it out. (i combed because i had to install a weave)

If you haven't noticed i've been slacking on my natural hair game because to be honest my hair is at an awkward length so its pretty strenuous to handle. i have been complaining that my hair isnt growing and im sure you can see from the pictures now that it really isn't. I'm even ashamed to tell people that im over 2 years natural lol

So please i need tips and tricks for hair growth, ye natural buffs. I don't want to give in to the creamy crack.

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  1. I was wondering too.. But it's alright that you've admitted that ya ashamed to say your hair's over a year... I remember when I bc'd and asked you for tips, now I have overtaken you. :p anyhoo, head on to blog.sizzelle.com for tip on your hair. And I think over-manipulation may be a culprit.. Your hair texture is really lovely though.. Soft-looking and all...

  2. Hey, I kinda have similar issues and wanted to say that it might be because of your texture. I have really coily hair that is very susceptible to shrinkage so my hair often looks shorter than it actually is unless I do stretching. It's actually gotten quite long, especially considering that I cut it last year and then on top of that had a serious trim earlier this year. You really have to be patient and take good care of it. It looks like you have a great amount of growth imo, but think about changing your diet and just taking better care of it by moisturizing it. The fact that you put weave in it (protective styling) should be really helpful for growth, as long as you put some time in between installations to let your hair/scalp breathe, so I think you're on the right path. Just be patient. Like the person above said, your hair is really beautiful

  3. How about you ditch the weaves first and study your hair?

  4. Congratulations on the win! I love the hair.

  5. Hey mideee. I strongly suggest you give your hair a nice trim. Say one inch off. You might be shocked at how much length u have retained after four months

  6. I suggest studying your hair, NH can be so tricky, you need to know what works for your hair and what doesn't.
    Characteristics (porosity, texture) also matter.
    If you take care of it it will blossom.
    I wish you all the best though.