St. Genevieve x Jumia Relaunch

9:03 AM

Hi Guys,
so i was feeling pretty bad i wasn't invited to the 'Savvy chic' floral party ALL the bloggers went for last week (like everyone was there) it made me feel like i was not doing enough as a blogger because i even sent them an email and i still didn't get one.
So when i got an invite to attend the St. Genevieve x Jumia launch i was like maybe im not doing so badly after all.

It was at the Social Place in VI and there was a lot to drink and nibble on. The finger foods and miniature jollof bowls kept flowing along with lots of champagne and cocktails, there was no end.
There was also a photo booth with really cool props, theres a photo on my instagram of the strips.

Genevieve Nnaji had a short speech about her brand and how she was excited to collaborate with Jumia to create super affordable clothes. The price range was about 4-10k and they had everything from shirts to shoes.
I really like the line because its basic and colorful. Its for the everyday woman and i believe anybody can wear the clothes.
We got to see a sneak peek of the advert and it was totally awesome so i cant wait to see the full collection on Jumia. Maybe i'll get myself a piece or two

I was there with Cassie Daves, hopefully she will put up her post soon. Sucks that we didn't get a picture together.

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  1. I had a nice time with you!! Thank you
    But omo, you're fast gaan :')

  2. No gurl you aint doing bad at all. The collection looks amazing and check out the food!! Im hungry!


  3. Your pictures sha, it seemed like a fun event.

  4. Your pictures sha, it seemed like a fun event.

  5. Nahhh u are not doing bad at all.
    I'm pretty impressed, where is your picture naa???

  6. oooh what are in the goody bags? I'd have loved to attend the event too. And I hope this St.Genevieve Idea continues.

  7. I'm so excited about the price range, because i'm seeing pieces that look quality, ones i will definitely wear, and then they aren't ridiculously overpriced. I have a good feeling about all of it. Jumia should do fast abeg, I've been stalking their site for when the collection will be up.

  8. Such style & class
    And the sight of those cocktails don't hurt either


  9. This sounds like my kinda party, free food and drinks. I would love to rock some of her pieces, I like what I see so far.

    Princess Audu

  10. Looks like you had a great time. lovely party. P.s I think you are doing great. love your blog.