StyleMeAfrica Bloggers Party

10:50 AM

Dedun (owner Stylemeafrica)
House of Tara
The goodie bag
Contents of goodie bag
Velma (FashionRehab)
Titi Belo (Imperfect Verbalista)
Kachi (BlackFabulosity)
Cassie Daves
Feyi Adesanya
The Soho Sister
The Fashion Engineer
Deola (OmogeMura)
Ozinna (StyleVitae)
Hi Guys,

so on Tuesday i attended a bloggers party hosted by StyleMeAfrica, a fashion company who recently launched their website.
It was a great event because got to meet up with some of my blogger friends and finally meet those hadn't met before like Sayedero and Titi.

The event started with Adedunmola Kolawole (the founder) introducing us to the brand, telling us how she started and how the journey has been so far. The vision for the website and what she hopes to achieve.

A few brands collaborated with her on the event such as:

- House of Tara who showed us some of their new products like the Margret Ekpo palette and the brush cleaner, there was also a little tutorial on how to use the palette.

- Kamokini, a swimwear brand also had a demonstration with one of their awesome versatile suits. The model showed us sooo many ways to wear it.

-, an online boutique with affordable stuff you cant find anywhere.The owner Adesuwa, said she stocks Australian and American brands.

- R&R Luxury which deals with skincare and gave us great products

- Grey Velvet Fashion retail. They gave us a discount voucher

We had alot to nibble on while the presentations were going on, and there were a variety of cocktails we could choose from.
I dont drink so much so i didnt know what any of the cocktails on the list had in them so i went with a papaya smoothie and i felt like a member of the fitfam gang again lol.

It was a great event, kudos to the StyleMeAfrica team.
You can check out the new website HERE

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  1. Mideee where's your own pic???? and I'm so happy for you, You still got it, You didn't get invited last time but now you the boss.
    Cassie I see you

  2. nice pictures everyone looked fab

  3. Should have come tho, looks like I missed a lot :(

    1. Yes o you missed, we await your BeautyinAfrica post o ^_^

  4. So beautiful people, the hair styles are giving me life. xo

    1. I only noticed the hairstyles after you left the comment. They ARE really nice

  5. LOL..."felt like a member of the fit-fam again" Hilarious. It looks like such a fun event.

    Thy Bliss Calls

  6. had sooo much fun. see meee! my eyes look crossed tho! lol!
    Mide please can you send the photos to or if you have dopbox even better.
    Thank you.

  7. Perfect!
    I never thought to look into my brother's wardrobe but I will now!

  8. Me i don't like my own picture sha but let me just compose.

  9. Thank you for coming Mide!

    We look forward to having you at our next event (which will be pretty soon) :)