POTW: Liz Yemoja Glam Lashes

9:35 PM

Hi Guys!
long time no talk ey?
ive been caught up prepping for law school and its such a struggle because there is not time. We are supposed to resume on monday but the posting list is not out so you can imagine the tension.

I decided to start a new series where i review beauty products weekly, i got alot of feedback from my Jordana Pencil post so i decided to continue with it.

This week my top product is Liz Yemoja Glam Lashes, they are 100% human hair and are absolutely amazing. This is first time ever wearing lashes by myself and it was super easy because they were not too long and stayed on perfectly.

I havent perfected my beauty shoot lighting technique yet so the colors in the photos are a little weird but we are getting there.
These lashes cost 2k and currently retail at House of Tara. They will be available on your favorite online stores soon though.

I hope you guys are having an amazing week. Talk soon.

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  1. 4th, 5th, 6th pictures!! Oshey Modelllll
    I know nothing about lashes, I guess its obvious I'm just here to be a nuisance.


  2. Yasss she's back. Love the 4th pic