POTW: Tara's Hajia Gambo Sabawa Palette

7:58 PM

Hi Guys,

so i was gifted this palette by house of Tara after the StyleMeAfrica website launch. I had been meaning to do a review since but then you know how school is.

I'd like to apologize for the quality of these pictures, the lighting is a bit off because i shot them at about 1am as that is the only time i have to sit and wear proper makeup. During the day its super hectic.

So i had seen reviews by Omogemura, TheFashionEngineer and CassieDaves so i was inspired.

I used lemon green for my inner eyes and the dark green below to contour my eyes(yes i learnt that is what its called).
The purple for my lower eyes and then for my lips i used the Jordana lip pencil in wine to line it and then filled it in with the pink eyeshadow from this palette.

Yes you can wear the eyeshadows as lipstick too. Awesome right?

Its a great product and i cant wait to try out all the other colors.

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