The Yearbook

5:29 AM

Hi Guys!

So i wrote my final University exam today.
Can i get a whoop whoop lol
Im excited but i am also very tired, i think i'm going to sleep for a few days.

It totally sucked that i did not get to go for fashion week this year and from all of the posts i saw on instagram everyones street style game was top notch. Oh well, there is always next year (i doubt that though, law school *bleh*)

I don't know if i mentioned earlier but i am in charge of my class yearbook. I got to take pictures of 220 classmates and chase them around to fill forms, now that everything is done they dont want to pay for it. Typical.

Anyways i decided to share my favorite pictures, they were all taken on different days and i love how you can see their personalities from the pictures.

I really enjoyed working on the yearbook and i'm sure everyone who buys it will enjoy it too. You need to see what some people filled as their parting words looool.
It was a great five years with my class mates, not very emotional because we are still going to be together.

We had a lot of great times, the law dinner, the beach parties, the house party, corporate day, costume day, CPN!!! We had too much fun. And everything is documented in this yearboook so friggin buy it guyss.

I love you guys


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  1. Awww we have yearbook in common. I also help with my college's yearbook club. The deadlines and layout making is awful but the end process is amazing.

    Thy Bliss Calls

  2. Congratulations dear. Five years is not beans oh.
    They all look happy, well who wouldn't be.

  3. Whoop whoop! Lol congratulations on this huge accomplishment! These photos are gorgeous, such beautiful, black faces - I looooove!

  4. Congratulations!!! Now you can rest for a while :) Great pictures too!

  5. awww our alma mater. Congrats Mide!

  6. i see some eye candies here...