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Hi Guys,

some friends and i decided that we needed to hangout before going to our respective law schools. Someone suggested Churrasco and i hadnt been there so i was kindof excited to go.
Unfortunately everything we ordered was bland. Their portions were really really small and everything was tasteless and so expensive.
Plus the food they brought was not true to the menu.
The cocktails weren't awesome
The thing that looks like shawarma was called a sandwich in the menu and it didnt have half of the things they listed in the menu in it.
The ceasars salad had no chicken and when we complained they said we had to pay an extra 500 for the chicken.

Location : 1, Ozumba Mbadiwe, VI (inside Lagoon Restaurant)

Pricing : Slightly more expensive than other restaurants ive been to, we had everything above plus a pizza and 5 other cocktails and our bill came to about 43,000 naira. Appaz there was a service charge of 10% plus VAT plus another charge that i dont know. It was sha alot

Service: Terrible. Our waiter was rude sef and after a while she stopped coming to our table like she flat out ignored us. Yes we were abit noisy but was so rude. When they brought the bill initially it was like 4k over, they had added some stuff we didnt order and my friend that had been there before said they had a habit of doing it. So please if you ever go there MAKE SURE you review your bill.

Ambience: Lovely, it was right in front of the lagoon, so there was alot of sea breeze, the chairs were super comfortable. it was really perfect for our hangout or a quick business lunch plus there was shisha.

Would i go again: Nope, the place is totally overrated.

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  1. Ahnahn, after looking at the pictures, I expected you to say the food was amazing and that you were blown away, Pictures can be deceiving !
    It's funny that they put your sandwich in Lebanese bread.
    The colours of the cocktails look really nice and appetizing sha!

  2. LOL . My classmate was just gisting me the other day about how her IJGB friend told her to come hang out with her here and how she almost cried at the end when they brought her bill

  3. I agree with Tukes, the food looks good its too bad its too bad the taste didn't measure up. The scenery does look nice though.

    Princess Audu

  4. The only thing nice about Churasscos is the scenery. The service is completely rubbish. The food I had was good, lemme not lie but I was really hungry that day so that may have added to it. I never saw the bill cause Mr. A paid but I remember he was not pleased. Such awful service. They need to do something about it. Try Radisson Blu. I like the service and ambience there better xx

  5. Well...their buffalo wings is nice..

  6. thanks for this review...
    lemmy just jejely cross this place off my list.

  7. That amount for tasteless food and rude staffs. Not at all.
    The pictures can be deceiving though.

  8. I agree, they score top points for scenery. I've only ever had cocktails there and they were ok. We ordered food but after waiting over an hour with the food a no-show, we went elsewhere. They really need to up their service game.

    Your review, spot on.