How Would You Wear? // Christmas Party Outfit

3:36 AM

Photos by Dare Asobele

Dress: Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale (1500 from Desiree)
Shoes: Lagos Market
Purse: ST Colours
Bangle: Jumia

Hi guys!
Long time no post ey?
Ive been super busy with Law School and let me just tell you now. It is not for kids!
The workload is ridiculous and asides the fact that there is no constant water or electricity supply we have classes from 9am to 4pm and then group meetings from 4-6pm and then after the group meetings we have to study for the next class before 12am as that is when the generator goes off.

So as you can see, there is no way that i could possibly have time for anything else.
We are currently on a short break, a 2 week christmas/new year break and they packed us with assignments, this is minus the fact that my school missed the first two weeks so i have alot of studying/catching up to do.

I couldnt meet up with the 'How would you wear' challenge for this month so i shot it when i got home.
I opted to use Christmas colors, red and gold because they are very vibrant and would totally get you noticed at any party.

I got this beautiful dress from Fashion Blogger, Desiree Iyama at the Yard Sale and i love it soo much.
It is perfect for a christmas party because its simple, glamorous, you can eat all you like and no one will know plus the fabric is a form of chiffon so its light and breezy
Perfect or nah?

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays
Merry Christmas in advance!

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  1. You look amazing! Love the colors (of course, red n gold are my fav colors)

  2. The dress is absolutely lovely and I love this Christmas inspired outfit. Hope you have a great holiday.

    Princess Audu

  3. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and your bangle is just giving me life. Take care oh, the Lord is your muscle.

  4. This is so classy! I don't know if that's a necklace of beading around the neckline, but that part is so beautiful! I'm glad you get a break from law school. Even though it's hard, keep at it. It will be worth it in the long run!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  5. Such a great holiday look..def a good dress from eating like you said lol Good luck with your studies!

  6. Beautiful dress and affordable too. U look great as always. Love your shoes

  7. Beautiful dress and affordable too. U look great as always. Love your shoes

  8. Wow you look amazing!!!!! I'm loving your outfit!

  9. Loving that dress and the heels, so perfect. xo