Christmas with Jumia

8:07 AM

Photos by Dare Asobele

Tee - Giddimint
Shorts, Necklace and Bangle - c/o Jumia
Sandals- Asos
Purse - Gift
Hat - H&M

Hi Guys,
i recieved a package from Jumia earlier this month and i was so excited about the contents.
It had a little bit of everything and i couldnt wait to try the stuff on.

I dont know if youve noticed but ive worn this triangle bangle in every post since i got it. I wear it every opportunity i get because its so edgy and i love edgy stuff.
I think everything im wearing in this post apart from my hat was gifted.
Makes me feel very special.

Im going back to school on sunday. Bleh
so thats why im trying to keep you guys entertained so you wont miss me too much.
 ill try my best to post but i wont be able to shoot outfit posts so bear with me.

Happy Holidays again and Thank you Jumia!

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  1. U look gorgeous.. ur necklace and bangle is everything **LOVE! :)

  2. I Love this look Mide!
    You look COOL!

    The bangle x purse are everything!

  3. I like the necklace! Nice outfit :)

  4. I love the bangles
    You look beautiful

  5. Looking great dear. Love the bracelet.

  6. love..hahaaa so now school is bleh when the money comes it will be a yayyy o. i will remind you.x

  7. Wow, back to school on Sunday? So soon? Think positive and I wish you luck. I love your hat and you're right that bracelet edges up your look. Two thumbs up!!!!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  8. will miss you....lovely outfit

  9. Love this outfit...too cool. You rocked those shoes!

    All the best at school :)

  10. Goodluck with school....looking good as always

  11. I Absolutely Love This Tee && I Want One
    The Look Is Sooo Coool && Edgy
    You Stay Slaying Girl
    Keep It 100.
    Xx. B.M.O.

  12. I love your shoes ! I'm a new follower in your bloglovin, please follow back.. Xo