Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale

9:45 AM

Buyers checking out pieces
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Ore and Steve Chuks
Akin Faminu and Ifeanyi
Desola and I
Tuke Morgan
Ibukun of She is out of Control
Deola of Omogemura
Cassie Daves
Ed GothBoy
Desiree Iyama
Banky Phoenix
Demola Mako (who took my pictures)
Desola Mako (serving some serious African Queen vibes)
Kachi and Uche of BlackFabulousity
Photos of me by @Mako_Od

Tee - random
bottoms - tailor made
sandals - asos
Sunglasses - AliExpress
Necklace - Elegushi

Hi Guys,

So i attended the Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale and it was so much fun!
If you follow me on instagram you would have seen the flier i put up. Basically, all of us bloggers brought clothes we weren't using anymore and sold them for nothing more than 2k..Awesome or what?
I had alot of stuff i was keeping because i wanted to give them to someone that would make proper use of them (i usually give old clothes to my dads drivers children) so the yardsale was the perfect avenue for my clothes to find good homes, i sold most of my clothes for 500 - 1000naira and i sold ALOT of stuff. If you follow me on snapchat you wouldve seen my wad of cash.

I didnt expect it to go as well as it did because we were supposed to have canopies, tables and music but the rental service that was scheduled for 10 didnt show up till 3. Can you just imagine? So we sold out of cars, played music out of small speakers and had a great time. Alot of people showed up to by stuff and im sure some bloggers sold out.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and i cannot wait for the next one... which should come up around April or so and it promises to be bigger and better!

In other news, I have finally resumed Law School! The posting list for my school came out wednesday night and i was posted to the Lagos campus. It was my first time there on Friday and i now understand why Tomi Escada did not blog for the whole year she was at Law School. The workload is ridiculous, i mean ridiculous so you guys i probably will not be posting as often as i used to. *tear*

But all is well, i hope every ones weekend is going great?
Merry Christmas in advance!

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  1. Cool outfit. Wish something like this would be done in Enugu. Glad u all had fun and good luck with law school. Its my first time here,wont be the last
    Check out my blog when u can thank you

  2. The Fashion EngineerDecember 13, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    you guys had sooo much fun!!
    The Fashion Engineer

  3. So much fun. Sad I couldn't make it. Nice outfit mide 😘

  4. chei i missed o...
    looks like a lot of fun.