12:36 AM

Hi guys!

How are you and how was valentines day?
It was super sad for me, I went to get my hair done and my phone was stolen *sob*
My beautiful Samsung S4 that was going on to two years was taken away from me. sigh
But it's all good though, im looking at it as a sign of greater things to come.

I was a guest of Kravings the other day and i had the most amazing time because everything i had was amazing and i tried out octopus and squid for the first time.
Its really weird looking at it before you eat it but it doesn't taste that bad actually, Its just like really chewy beef or chicken.

Call to order: (08134764698)

Pricing: Reasonable, everything pictured above came to about 12,000naira or thereabout.

Service: Great, the chef asked if i liked everything and the plating was very beautiful. He says that people always eat with their eyes first so people have to be attracted to your food before they can buy it. So i hope you guys are attracted o!

Would i order? err yeah!! the spaghetti meal tastes 20 times more amazing than it looks and one of the desserts is named after me so who am i not to eat it every other day?
and the grilled cheese sandwich oh gerrrdddd, no you guys have to totally try their grilled cheese sandwich even if you don't try anything else.

In other news, i have a week and a half left in school before i go home for my externship (that's where we work at a court for two months and then a law firm for one month).
so hopefully i may be able to slot in a few more posts. yay!

I hope you guys are doing alright. Take care..x

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  1. Sorry about ur stolen fone dear. Like u said greater tins to come. U sure had a lot to eat. I'm salivating already. Lovely pictures, so attractive. All d best in ur externship
    Leeznijis Blog

  2. Sorry about your phone Love
    The food looks amazing!
    On your externship, I'm super happy for you.
    Peace and Love

  3. Please leave an address so we can share in the fun

    1. Hi Nifemi,
      there is no address yet, but you can always call to order.
      I guarantee amazing service

  4. Looks amazing!!!! And the pricing is really cool!

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  6. Wow! This food looks amazing
    Shame about the phone...that's so annoying


  7. wow wow wow! this looks super yummy and i will order a dessert as far as its named after you sef. sorry about your beautiful s4 greater things ahead. love this.x

  8. Sorry about your phone!! Love the pics, everything looks super yummy :O

  9. Sorry about your phone, hope you get a replacement soon. Love the pics, my stomach just growled. lol.